Midnight Cicadas Robotics

The Midnight Cicadas Robotics teams are proud to label ourselves as a “rural” robotics team. We participate in all FIRST (“For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology”) programs:

  • FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition)
  • FTC (FIRST Tech Challenge)
  • FLL (FIRST LEGO League)
  • FLL Jr. (FIRST LEGO League Junior)

We have a strong sense of diversity, equity and inclusion. We value each other’s input, ensure every person on the team is contributing, and foster an environment where anyone of any background can find a welcoming, compassionate community, and at the same time excel in the challenges presented to us. Building a robot is not our destination; building a robot is the path we follow to learn, innovate, collaborate, and build character. We use the task of building an incredibly complicated machine in little time under immense pressure while working together as a large team to bring out the best qualities in one another. Our team also strives to be involved in the community by attending as many public events as possible to spread awareness about FIRST robotics.