Build Your Own Tiny Float!

Join us on December 17th @ 7pm for our second annual Mini Holiday Parade that features YOUR creations!

Build your own tiny float by December 15th to have it showcased in the parade.

Monsoon Youth would like to invite anyone and everyone in the community to participate in building miniature floats for our mini-parade! These creations will then be "driven" down a miniature part of Downtown Globe and streamed on Monsoon Youth's YouTube channel (click here to check it out), complete with live-commentary. There is nothing to watch in-person; it is ONLY being livestreamed.

Globe's annual real life Light Parade is happening this year! For complete details on that you can visit Globe Historic Downtown's event page at this link. @globehistoricdowntown The Light Parade will be on Saturday the 11th @ 6pm.

Monsoon Youth's Mini Holiday Parade will have several judges examining the parade, with prizes that will be awarded in the days following! There is no set theme; we would love to see whatever creation you can come up with. There is also no cost to enter. It's highly encouraged that families and siblings work together to create their mini-floats, but everyone is of course welcome to watch the stream without submitting a creation!

  • For a general size, floats should be imagined around the size of a standard tissue box (8.75 x 4.75 x 3.75in). Those are rough guidelines; don't stress about it being too big or too small!


  • They can be made out of any materials.


  • We will provide wheels and lights! (you can of course use your own materials, but we've found those are the most challenging solutions to come up with)


  • All themes are welcome, but if you need a starting point try "Classic Christmas"

Submissions can be dropped off at the Chamber of Commerce until December 15th, and picked up at the Chamber starting on the 20th.

Be sure to follow us for any new information that comes up, and don't forget to share the image below with your friends & family!