Monsoon Lab was created in 2020 as an open space for young people to explore new creative projects. This program intentionally makes room for student-directed initiatives, fanning the flame of self-expression and inquiry-based education. Young people are inspired to be, express and share who they are and grow the next measure. The natural byproduct of this venture is community transformation, starting with the grassroots. Monsoon Lab gives youth the freedom to experiment and offers the scaffolding to build the community they dream of!


In spring of 2021, our young people spearheaded community-based projects that were born out of their own dreams and desires. You can read below some of the projects that our teens led.

  • One student worked with 30 elementary and middle school students to create care packages for 60 residents of a local long-term care facility. The residents were so moved by the many notes of love that the kids wrote to them during the long shutdown.
  • Another student tutored middle schoolers who were failing in math at her old school. She was so excited when one of her failing students passed the class with a B, only after a few weeks of working with her.
  • One student piloted art therapy workshops for elementary school students and a separate one for teens that encouraged social and emotional learning. Concerned over the isolation many children experienced during the pandemic, she intentionally focused on art practices that children could continue at home.
  • Two other students raised over a thousand dollars to plant raised bed gardens for families on the San Carlos Apache Reservation. They brought fun craft activities and healthy snacks to share with the children, and were touched by how welcome they felt.
  • Another student taught and played acting games with fifth and sixth graders twice a week for several weeks at her old school. The best part was getting to share her love of theatre with them.