Our Outreach Program is an in-school arts outreach program that serves roughly 1500 children annually. Our teaching teams utilize various art modalities including theatre arts, visual arts, music and literary arts in order to encourage creative exploration among our young students. Our outreach classes not only help with literacy and intellectual curiosity, but also build teamwork and social-emotional learning competencies. Through the years, we have received much positive feedback from teachers that their students are more engaged in learning and have grown in confidence and self-expression.

    • The Outreach Program began in 2016 with a focus on theatre arts classes, beginning with local elementary schools in Globe-Miami.
    • In 2018, we developed our own mini-musical theatre curriculum, choosing themes from popular children’s stories like Peter Pan and The Jungle Book.
    • Through the years, we have sponsored field trips at area schools to our youth productions, exposing many children to live theatre for the first time.
    • In 2019, we successfully completed our Year of the Lion project and hosted 1800 children at our production of The Lion King, Jr.
    • The Outreach Program began with the invaluable support of United Fund of Globe-Miami.

“I recently had an IEP for [a student] at Copper Rim.  In the meeting, I talked about how [he] had such a strong sense of self and identity. How he embraces his hearing loss as part of his identity and carried himself with pride. This is not typical for a student with hearing loss at that age. [His] mom credited you and your arts program for part of that strong self-concept.  She said your program really helped him bring out his best self.”        

- Teacher for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, ASDB - Desert Valleys Regional Cooperative