Opportunity for All Ages

Summer Youth Musical Theatre Program (SYMTP) remains one of the most engaging project-based learning experiences for youth in the Globe-Miami-San Carlos community. With a focus on drama, including music and stagecraft, we regularly hear of how our participants have grown in confidence and competence on and off the stage. We are proud to share that many of our graduates have pursued the arts professionally and continue to find ways to serve their communities by empowering others.

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What people say about it

“SYMTP provided me with a safe place and a group of great people that helped me grow into somebody much more daring than I would’ve been had I not joined six years ago.  It planted a seed that was a love for art that grew into a full on passion.”

SYMTP Participant

“SYMTP has given my children confidence, an outlet for their creativity; and has taught them teamwork.”

SYMTP Parent

“As parents, we’ve seen a huge change in our son.  He’s come out of his shyness.  He’s found a place where he belongs with friends who are like family.  Thank you, SYMTP!”

SYMTP Parent

“SYMTP is all about oneness: choral singing as one voice, actors acting as one within a scene, and a bunch of kids coming together from all walks of life to create one show.  And, at the end of the day, we are all one family.”

SYMTP Participant


The X of (X)YMTP represents our value of Exploration and Experimentation. Our students and staff are committed to the craft of storytelling through theatre and are challenging themselves to devise and design by exercising their own voice and telling their own stories. This spring, we are excited to share our latest (X)YMTP production with the community: a suite of short plays and musicals, some of which will be written and directed by our own young people.

  • (X)YMTP began in 2016 with the desire to create opportunities for students to perform more challenging material.
  • While the X in (X)YMTP originally stood for a variable, meaning “anytime, anywhere,” it soon came to be understood as “X for Extreme.”
  • Past (X)YMTP Shows
    • James and the Giant Peach, Spring 2016
    • Beauty and the Beast, Spring 2017
    • Les Miserables, Summer 2018
    • Theory of Relativity, Spring 2019

Teen Mentorship Program

We believe that there is a sweet spot to personal growth; it is a space where safety and bravery meet. And this is where our teens thrive. Young leaders are stretched and supported, challenged and championed by Monsoon. Many teens have told us that their experience in our mentorship program was formative in their development as people and professionals and gave them a life-long commitment to serve others.

  • The Teen Mentorship program began in 2018 with six teens assisting our staff with Jungle Book Kids.
  • In the last few years, we have equipped dozens of young people, ages 14 to 24, as Mentors, many of whom have grown into leaders in our community and beyond.

Because of the generosity of our funders, we have awarded over $10,000 in higher education scholarships to our young leaders.

“I began the mentorship program wanting to learn how to better interact with children and others in general. What I experienced was way beyond my expectations. I not only learned how to be a better teacher to children younger than me, but I also was able to develop my teamwork and leadership skills. I had many responsibilities assigned to me including coming up with choreography, helping to develop kids' characters, set building, sound engineering, and many others. Every day I was assigned new tasks that challenged my skills. I learned something new every day because of this.”

- Teen Mentor for The Lion King, JR.